USKW Annual Course 2012

(01/07/12) The United Schools of Karate Wales Course 2012 was taught by Sensei Robert Copeland 6th Dan from the Vale of Glamorgan Karate Organisation. Sensei Copeland is a well respected Sensei, who has had major competition success himself and continues to have success through his students.


After a thorough warm up, which also focused on some of the science behind stretching. Sensei moved on to improving kihon (or basics). Focusing on two main elements - ensuring that all components of a technique finished together (i.e. foot landing on a step and the punch landing together not one, two) and concentrating on the knee in front stance and not allowing it to move or wobble during a combination. We then focused on breathing in techniques and how to foster kime (or focus of power with the breath).


Sensei Copeland then focused on kata, specifically Gojushiho Sho. Sensei detailed various technical points but also explored the difference between competition and budo kata - specifically on the final sequence which can be preformed slightly differently for competition to make it more aesthetically pleasing.


We then paired up for some kumite, paying special attention to distance and timing.


Following the Course the Annual United Schools of Karate Wales Dan grading saw students put through their paces to progress to black belt, and senior dan ranks. 10 student's took the grading and all met the required standards. Yoshitaka Karate Club also saw it's first Sandan (3rd Level Black Belt) grading.


Yoshitaka Karate club is please to announce the following successes:


Shodan - 1st Dan

P Davies

F Snell

S Symmons

J Williams

M Wignesvaran

L Von Sicard


Nidan - 2nd Dan

H Spackman

G Spackman

R Lewis


Sandan - 3rd Dan

R Davies