Yoshitaka Shotokan Karate Club


"United Schools of Karate Wales"
"United Schools of Karate Wales"

Welcome to the Yoshitaka Karate Club Website. The club is Swansea (Wales) based and we practise Shotokan Karate.

We are a friendly club and welcome both adults and children. 


To join us visit and 'like' our Facebook page or email us at Yoshitaka.karate@gmail.com


We hold training sessions in various locations across Sketty and Upper Killay. The club is affiliated to the United Schools of Karate Wales (USKW) and our Sensei, Patrizio Camillini is the Chief Instructor of USKW.

See above menu for our training times and further information regarding our style and instructor. Please feel free to contact us to see which class is best for you.  

Latest news

Autumn term 2019

 Just a reminder that classes start back on Wednesday September 4th.

So you'd better get stretching!


Our Sensei Camillini...

...demonstrating perfect stances.

Only a strong karateka would attempt Gangaku at waters' edge!



If any students are interested in taking part in competitions please let Sensei know.


Training App

The Karate WKF app is available FREE on Android and Itunes Appstore.

It has excellent explanations and examples of karate terms and technique plus diagrams of all shotokan kata with links to youtube videos.


Link below:

Application "Karate WKF" of Mapbile on Google-Play:


Facebook page

You can find and 'like' us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.