Yoshitaka Shotokan Karate Club


"United Schools of Karate Wales"
"United Schools of Karate Wales"

Welcome to the Yoshitaka Karate Club Website. The club is a Swansea (Wales) based Shotokan Karate club. We are a friendly Karate club that welcomes both adults and children to join us.


We hold training sessions in various locations across Sketty, Tycoch and Upper Killay. The club is affiliated to the United Schools of Karate Wales (USKW) and our Sensei, Patrizio Camillini is the Chief Instructor of USKW.

If you would like to join us please see our training times and contact us to see which class is best for you.


If you would like information on YKC, please go to our about us page which includes information regarding our style, instructor and training.


Forthcoming Events


Well done to Manon, Joseff & Oscar for excellent karate in Neath on Silver Sunday! Well deserved wins all round.

If you are interested in taking part in competitions, please ask Sensei for details or add a comment to our Facebook page (link above).

Welsh Closed Championships

Well done to James Cockrill, Manon Thomas, Joseff Thomas and Oscar Wood on some strong and impressive performances at the WKGB Welsh Closed Championships in Cardiff on Sunday 9th April. You represented yourselves and your club really well, picking up 2 bronze medals, good experience and plenty of admiration after a tough competition.

Facebook page

You can find and 'Like' the Facebook link above to keep up with all the latest news.